What happens when parties agree to arbitrate in Beth Din and the prevailing party does not move to confirm the award in court within 1 year, as required by New York law? In a recent decision, the Appellate Division, Second Department found that a motion to confirm a Beth Din arbitration award made after 1 […]

Kings County Supreme Court Justice David Schmidt confirmed an arbitration award made by a Brooklyn Bais Din (Beth Din). An interesting footnote in the decision explains the “Agav Suder binding procedure”. A copy of the decision may be accessed here.

Here’s a new decision that deals with what appears to be an issue of first impression. The defendant, who is an Orthodox Jew, was served with a motion for summary judgment in lieu of complaint on the day after Yom Kippur. The defendant argued that service was improper under NY General Business Law Sec. 13. […]

In a decision published today, the New York State Supreme Court confirmed an award made by a Beth Din (Bais Din or Bet Din) despite strong opposition by one party. A copy of the decision can be found here.

There have been several cases in which plaintiffs sued for the right to affix or leave a Mezuzah on an outside doorpost of an apartment, after a co-op or condo board required removal based upon a co-op or condo rule. For many years, courts held that the Fair Housing Act (FHA) prohibited religious discrimination against […]

By: Rav Yitzchak Grossman Posted with permission of the Journal of Talmudic Law & Finance and the Bais HaVaad Institute of Talmudic Law “And Moshe was afraid” – in addition to the Peshat that he feared the temporal consequences of the discovery of his vigilante execution of the Egyptian, Rashi cites a Medrash that what […]

The Nassau County Supreme Court recently issued a decision in Freiman v. County of Nassau dismissing plaintiff’s complaint and granting summary judgment to the defendants.  Plaintiff alleged that an autopsy was performed in violation of the decedent’s religious beliefs.  According to the decision, the defendants established that the Medical Examiner had performed a toxicology screening by extracting […]


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